Celebrity restoration

We are proud to have worked with some amazing celebrities and thankful for those that have supported us by sharing our work to spread happiness in our fight against mental health and depression.

Snoop Dogg

American rapper

"Your work is amazing I love what you do. I want to work with you guys"

Davina Mccall


"This last year has been extremely tough. I don’t know about u but I have been feeling so nostalgic. Because it makes me feel safe x this is a picture of me and my granny Pippy. She brought me up and was an incredibly important person in my life. Swipe left and you will see what @lovedonesforever Created from the original. It floored me. In the most lovely way ❤️. We recommended him on our podcast @makingthecutpodcast but thought I’d put out on my page because it’s so arresting !!! ... dm him , he’s been through a lot and genuinely wants to make people happy x"

Dr Larisa Corda


"#tbt to this incredibly kind man @lovedonesforever who surprised me by restoring this old photo of me and my sister? Having relocated to this country from a young age, these old family photos are some of my greatest treasures, and to see this one brought back to life really moved me? Also, who knew that velvet collared dresses would make a comeback almost 3 decades later?!? Thank you @lovedonesforever for helping to bring much needed joy and nostalgia to the lives of many families, especially during this pandemic, when so many can't be together?"

​​Lena Waithe

American Actress

"Wow!! Thank you so much!!” “@lovedonesforever brought my family back to HD."

​​Jamie Oliver

British chef

"Thank you @LovedOnesForever for restoring this image of my grandad its fantastic guys, check it out Ben Lopez will transform your images just email them to his website"

Cat Deeley

Television presenter

"Sometimes people surprise you in the most brilliant way … Woke up to these pics this morning… A truly kind and thoughtful chap from @lovedonesforever called Benjamin sent them over. I asked him to restore a picture of my Nan, for my Mum, for Christmas. He went one stage further, above and beyond the call of duty and found and restored this too! There are some magnificent human beings out there - Benjamin you’re one of the best ! Thank you! ♥️ Your Biggest Fan xxxx"

Jeff Goldblum

American actor

A stunning family portrait restored for the Goldblum family. We hope this restored memory spreads much happiness and joy to the family.

Kym Marsh

English Actress

"How amazing is this!!! Woke up one day to this wonderful surprise! Benjamin from @lovedonesforever took it upon himself to restore this photo of my grandad from WWII. It was a total surprise and he did it out of the goodness of his heart! It made me and my dad very emotional, in the best way! Thank you so so much for your kindness! I am so very grateful! Xxx"

Holly Willoughby

Television presenter

"Thank you for making mums birthday gift so so special… tears all round"

Will Smith

American actor, rapper and film producer

A beautiful moment captured and restored of father and daughter. Will Smith & Willow Smith.

Fearne Cotton

TV Presenter

"Thank you so much to @lovedonesforever for restoring this photo of my folks getting married back in the day. @lovedonesforever aims to help bring joy and happiness via old memories brought back to life. Such a brilliant idea. Benjamin, the founder, started it memory of his mother who took her own life a number of years ago now. He wanted to look back at memories from old photos but so many were in bad condition. He’s turned to this new passion to now help others bring old photos and memories back to life ♥️"