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My Story

My reason, my mother. I started this journey because in 1997 I sadly lost my mother Maria Lopez to suicide. Growing up I regularly fell in and out of deep depression from the loss of my mother. Her photos are one thing I have been able to cherish. They have kept her memory alive and close to my heart.

One day after months of feeling very low, I plucked up the courage and decided to explore the social media channels to see if anyone from my neighbourhood remembered her. This post was shared numerous times by people living in my local area, the joy of social media! I started receiving messages from my mother’s old friends who had photographs of her.

Sadly, like many stored in the loft in a safe place these photographs were blurry and damaged. I decided to use my photography skills and using several of the latest software applications to see if I could restore them and bring her memories back to life. The results were amazing, I was so overwhelmed with what I had achieved.

The joy and warmth this one photo made me feel was incredible. That’s when I thought, why not offer this amount of happiness that one photo can bring to the rest of the world. In a time where Mental Health is hugely affected by many including myself.

Photo’s bring people together and they get people talking and we all know it’s time to talk. I have now become extremely experienced with the use of these modern applications and my work is quickly becoming recognised worldwide.
I have brought back so much love, happiness and most important of all memories to lots of families all over the world and I would love to carry on to do so with your support.

Benjamin Lopez

Me and my mum - my first ever photo restored.